Well-Led (Skills for Care Leadersip Programme)



Skills for Care


(Registered) Managers wanting to improve their leadership skills.


4 full days over 4 weeks


£420 + VAT


WDF funding up to £500 is available to cover associated costs  


Course overview

Well-Led has been developed by Skills for Care to support Registered Managers and other operational managers in adult social care settings to achieve and sustain high-quality levels person-centred care. The course is part of Skills for Care's highly acclaimed Leadership Programme.

The programme aims to give those with management responsibilities the skills, knowledge, and the confidence to lead their workforce in a confident, successful way in delivering a high-quality service.


Who is Well-Led for?

Well-Led is particularly suited for people in front line or operational management roles (including registered managers) who are looking to improve their leadership capability.

How does it work?

The course consists of four training days, which we usually deliver over a period of four weeks. The benefit of spreading the course out over a number of weeks is that participants get the opportunity to practice their learned skills in their day-to-day role, and discuss their experiences with the group during the next session.

The training days are designed to give participants insight into what it means for an organisation to be ‘well-led’, what good leadership and a high-quality service looks like, and how (registered) managers can play a role in creating a stable, confident workforce that delivers the highest possible quality care.

The programme draws heavily on real-life, practical management experiences, and reflects on examples from managers from organisations rated ‘Good’ and ‘Outstanding’ as a way to gather good practices in leading high-quality organisations.

The programme is highly interactive; there is a strong focus on peer support, reflective practice, and discussion of practical examples that participants may encounter in their day-to-day roles.


The Well-led programme will support learners to:

  • Understand how leadership strategies and techniques can be used to transform services and improve the quality of care

  • Enhance leadership skills to become a more effective leader

  • Gain improved confidence to lead services in an increasingly complex and challenging sector

  • Develop clear goals to improve personal leadership effectiveness

  • Learn from others and share experiences and ideas with peers to develop a strong support network.  


Day 1: Know yourself - looking inwards


Topics covered include:

  • understanding leadership in adult social care

  • moving from management to leadership

  • what is leadership and what does it look like in practice in a well-led service?

  • resilience and self-care

  • reflecting on your approach to leadership

  • enhancing your own visibility and impact as a leader.


Learners will also undertake a leadership in adult social care self-assessment based on Skills for Care’s Leadership Qualities Framework.


Day 2: Leading a successful service - looking around


Topics covered include:

  • creating and embedding your vision and values

  • using evidence to improve your service

  • assessing the ability of your service to deliver high quality care

  • using future sight to understand your service and respond to new challenges

  • understanding and applying situational and values-based leadership.


Learners will be asked to complete a service assessment so that areas of improvement can be identified and action agreed.


Day 3: Leading high performing teams - looking sideways


Topics covered include:

  • understanding your own team

  • the characteristics of high performing teams

  • leading high performing teams

  • managing performance

  • having courageous conversations.

In addition, learners will have the opportunity to practice key communication skills.


Day 4: Leading in and beyond the boundaries of your service - looking outwards


Topics covered include:

  • understanding systems and policy in adult social care

  • understanding your system

  • understanding influence and influencing others

  • using asset-based approaches to leading in your wider community

  • promoting your service and celebrating its successes

  • developing personal goals and a commitment to action.


Upon completing the programme learners will be issued with a Well-led programme certificate and will also be invited to join Skills for Care's Leadership and Management alumni network.

Costs and available funding

£420 + VAT

Upon successful completion of the certificate, employers may be able to claim up to £500 from the Workforce Development Fund (WDF) towards the costs of completing the course.

How to book

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