Management Training

Our range of management training is designed for new and existing Managers ranging from a short un-accredited course to a full diploma or Apprenticeship depending on your requirements.


Management Training - currently under development (New for 2019)

Within many sectors including the care sector Managers, Team Leaders and Supervisors are promoted into the role based on previous performance in front line delivery. As Managers tend to manage based on their own experience of managers they can pick up habits or become unaware of how their actions effect others they manage, their performance and retention of their staff. 

This is an un-accredited course delivered over five days (1 day a week) based on 5 P's,  Purpose, People, Passion, Performance and Progress.

Leadership and Management

  • Management styles

  • Identifying how to manage teams and individuals

  • Management techniques

  • Planning and organising teams and structure

  • Action planning

  • Values/Vision and Mission statement “How important are they”

  • Motivation (theory and cycle)

  • Continuous improvement model

  • Giving feedback down and up

  • Importance of effective reporting

  • Management own CPD

  • Creating a trusting environment



  • Effective communication

  • Reasons for communicating

  • Methods of communication

  • Organising communications for the team

  • Using different methods depending on the message

  • Team meetings

  • Minutes/Agendas

  • Managing change

  • Listening and questioning skills

  • Language skills

  • Engaging staff

  • Building in values


Staff Mentoring, Coaching and Supervision

  • Coaching and mentoring

  • Recruitment and Retention

  • Learning styles

  • Barriers to learning

  • Problem solving

  • Staff CPD

  • Feedback (Positive and Negative)

  • Positive attitudes

  • Understanding behaviours

  • Managing performance

  • Informal and formal meetings

  • Staffing structure

  • Skills mapping (Soft and technical skills)

  • Appraisals (Structure/Challenges/Feedback)

  • Skills gaps

  • Own and others emotional and physical awareness

  • Goal setting (smart objectives)

  • Setting standards

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Leadership Level 5 Diplomas in Adult Care and Apprenticeships

We are a specialist Health and Social Care Training Provider and can offer Level 5 Diplomas and Apprenticeships in Adult Care. For more information please visit the relevant sections. 

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