Induction Week (5 days)


Kemble Training


All new or existing staff in the health and social care sector. 


5 full days


£280 + VAT


WDF funding up to £300 is available to cover associated costs (more information below)

Course overview

Our Induction Week aims to give new or existing staff a comprehensive introduction to care. Over 5 training days, we go into all elements of the care role, to give individuals the knowledge and tools they need to offer high quality care.


The Induction is developed around Skills for Care’s ‘Care Certificate’, which is an agreed set of fifteen standards that define the knowledge, skills and behaviours expected of people working in the health and social care sector.


(Please note that we only deliver the theoretical elements of the Care Certificate; most employers will conduct an effective workplace assessment to assess the competence of their workers before signing off the Care Certificate.)



Standard # 1. Understand your role

Standard # 3. Duty of Care

Standard # 10. Safeguarding adults

Standard # 11. Safeguarding children

Standard # 9. Awareness of mental health, dementia and learning disability


The Mental Capacity Act.



Standard # 13. Health and Safety

Standard #4. Equality and diversity

Standard # 5. Work in a person-centred way

Standard # 7. Privacy and Dignity

Standard # 6. Communication

Standard # 14. Handling Information

Standard # 2. Your personal development



Level 2 Award in Principles of Medication Handling and Administration for Care Settings.

On Wednesday, learners will have the opportunity to obtain an accredited Level 2 Award in the Principles of Medication, awarded by Highfield Qualifications. In order to obtain the certificate, learners will have to successfully complete a workbook.


Moving and Handling

First Aid


Personal Care

Standard # 15. Infection Prevention and Control

Standard # 8. Fluids and nutrition

Dementia Awareness.


Participants will receive an Attendance Certificate upon completion of all days of the Induction Week.


To obtain the Highfield Level 2 Principles of Medication Award, participants must return the completed workbook to us shortly after the Induction Week. The assessor will contact the learner in case any additional information is required to successfully complete the workbook.

Costs and funding

£280 + VAT


The Highfield Level 2 Principles of Medication Award is eligible for funding through the Workforce Development Fund (WDF) up to £300 (upon successful completion of the award). For more information on how to access the WDF visit Skills for Care

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