Learning Disability 

Our Learning Disability Awareness training can be facilitated as a course just for your organisation at our training centre or 'onsite' at your location. 

Aimed at existing and new care staff  to update skills and knowledge. This course lasts for approximately 3-4 hours and is only run as a group for organisations. Training can be facilitated at our training centre or 'onsite' at your location.

  • What is a Learning Disability

  • Common types, causes and data/stats

  • Informed choices

  • Attitudes of others

  • Legislation

  • Abuse, neglect and hate crime

  • Barriers individuals face

  • Importance of early identification

  • Communication

  • Interaction with individuals

  • Transitions and support

  • Ability not Disability

  • Sign posting and support

For prices please call us on 01432 382018 or use the contact form.