How we can help

Finding the right training for your employees can be a challenge; the offer of courses, diplomas, and apprenticeships can seem endless and it is not always easy to know what type of training you require or how you and your employees could benefit most from training.

And then there is the question of funding – training can appear costly, and many employers are unaware of the various available funding opportunities. The truth is, training and upskilling your staff does not have to be expensive. Employers in the health and social care sector have access to a range of funding possibilities, which make many learning trajectories relatively cheap.

We have got vast experience with health and social care training and apprenticeships, and we can do most of it at very little – if any – cost to your organisation and your learners.

To give a few examples of the opportunities a well-trained workforce offers you:


Strengthen your business by ensuring the available skill set matches your ambitions.


We can assist in conducting a “skills scan” of your organisation, to identify how training can help make your business more efficient and effective. Based on your staff’s current and desired skill set, we can create a package of courses, diplomas and apprenticeships that is tailored exactly to your organisation.

Train your staff in highly specific skills that are unique to your organisation.

Do your staff need specialised training that is unique to your organisation and does not quite fit existing courses? We can design courses for you that specifically target your particular skill requirement, and we are more than happy to deliver them in your own setting.


Ensure your staff are up to date on all induction, mandatory and refresher training.

Our five-day induction training covers all mandatory training for new employees, including the technical elements of the Care Certificate, First Aid, Moving and Handling of People, and Personal Care. We also offer a range of specialist courses, such as Safeguarding, Epilepsy Awareness, and Medical Capacity Act (MCS) and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) training. We can provide all courses at your location or at our training centre.


Upskill new or existing employees with apprenticeships.

Apprenticeships are a cost-effective, future-oriented way to develop in-house talent and strengthen the relationship with your employees. We offer apprenticeships at different levels that suit front line as well as managerial staff.


Broaden and deepen the skill set of your managers.

We offer several training programmes and apprenticeships that are specifically designed to develop your managerial staff, which is an important way to encourage your staff’s progress in the business and reduce the pressure on high-level management.