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If you are a learner and looking for information about apprenticeships, vacancies, advice and guidance please visit our Learner Section using the navigation bar. Alternatively please contact us on 01432 382018.

What is an Apprenticeship?

An Apprenticeship is a work based training programme that supports individuals to gain valuable skills and qualifications. Apprenticeships can be used to train existing employees to a set of standards or to bring new employees into your business as an Apprentice. Training is available for ages 16+ and there is additional support for eligible learners.

Funding Changes

Since May 2017 funding has changed. Depending on the size of organisation employers fall into following two categories. Please contact us, we can support you in understanding the changes. 

  • Small Employers, (those with a wage bill under £3 million), contribute a small amount towards the cost of training.

  • Large Employers, (those with a wage bill over £3 million), pay a tax which goes into a training account to fund learners

Qualification Changes

Qualifications have changed, frameworks have now moved to standards that have been specifically designed for the sector. Each qualification is made up of component elements including:

  • Care Certificate

  • Diploma

  • Function Skills (only if required)

  • End Point Assessment

Adult Care Worker - This replaces the Health and Social Care Level 2 Apprenticeship aimed at all front line care staff.

Lead Adult Care Worker - This replaces the Health and Social Care Level 3 and is an ideal progression for those whom have completed the Adult Care Worker Qualification or the old Level 2.

Lead Practitioner in Adult Care - (Level 4) This is a new qualification aimed towards those wanting to progress from the Lead Adult Care Worker qualification or the old Level 3.

Leader in Adult Care - Replaces the Health and Social Care Level 5 qualification, aimed towards those in Management and Senior roles. 

Component Parts of an Apprenticeship

Care Certificate - The Care Certificate forms the back bone to all adult care Apprenticeships, learners are supported through all 15 care certificate standards. Observations are conducted by employers supported by our training team.

Off the job training - A mandatory element of Apprenticeships facilitated by short courses, research, study and mentoring.

Diploma - The core element of the qualification, made up of mandatory and optional units. We work with employers and learners to individualise the qualification. 

Functional Skills - For learners who do not hold a maths and English qualifications, support is available to obtain up to Level 2. 

Additional Support - Support may be available for learners who have a learning difficulty or disability. 

End Point Assessment (EPA) - Once a learner has completed the care certificate, diploma and has been on programme for 366 days, they will progress onto the final stage of the Apprenticeship. 

Once all the component elements have been completed individuals gain a Pass, Merit or Distinction grade.